Bliss At Buvi Lodge

Bliss At Buvi Lodge

“Bliss” is defined by the Cambridge dictionary as perfect or complete happiness and the definition flawlessly captures what I experienced at Buvi Lodge.

Getting there

I travelled on a Sunday afternoon and drove to the Nakiwogo landing site in Entebbe. I parked my car at the landing site (safe parking is provided) and then took a 20 minute boat ride to Buvi Lodge. The lodge can also be accessed via road, about a 60 minute drive from Kampala to Buvi.

I recommend the boat ride so as to enjoy the stunning scenery as you approach the lodge. I enjoyed cooling off in the speed boat and taking in the surrounding Lake Victoria views (Buvi Lodge will arrange the boat transportation for you).

First impressions of Buvi Lodge

I was starving when we docked and so the first thing I did was place my lunch order, pork chops with mashed potato. As I walked towards the restaurant, the lake welcomed me once again. It was beautiful and my mind already begun to anticipate a stunning sunset later that evening. The food was delicious and once I was done with my meal, I took a little walk round the lodge as I mentally planned what I’d get up to for the next 24 hours. I was dying to take a swim as the pool was very inviting, I was also dying to check out my room.

The cottages are given the local names of different Ugandan lakes, I stayed in Dweru, which is the local name for Lake George. I loved the raw brick architecture. Interestingly, Buvi Lodge was once a brick making site. The bricks were turned into cottages and rustic brick finishing was maintained, providing the perfect balance of earth and modernism. Also, what is now a swimming pool was once a cattle dip and the lodge has young banana trees growing were a plantation once existed. Buvi Lodge is a work of very thoughtful art, if you ask me.



The Next Morning

I was up early to catch the sunrise and it couldn’t have been more worthwhile. The pool was now my favorite place as I had swam late into the darkness the night before. I had an idea to take pictures by the pool in the early morning sunlight. I got up, set up my tripod and snapped away as I eagerly awaited my scrumptious mid-morning breakfast.


Things to do

Buvi Lodge, though quiet, serene and romantic, has several activities that you can choose to indulge in while enjoying your stay. One can take a boat ride to any of the nearby islands or Entebbe city. One can get a relaxing massage at the spa or enjoy an indoor game of pool. Also, the play park, just besides the swimming pool, provides for plenty of outdoor activities that both adults and children can enjoy.

Saying goodbye

I was sad to leave on Monday evening but after a late lunch, we set off. I’ll definitely be back. Great news – Buvi Lodge is currently running a 40% discount promotion. A double room, bed and breakfast, is going for UGX250,000 and a family cottage (with two double rooms enclosed) is going for UGX450,000, bed and breakfast. Tailored packages for honeymooners may also be arranged.


Find out more about Buvi Lodge and their packages here.

PS: Buvi Lodge sponsored this trip and I took it solo. I thoroughly enjoyed the alone time and I truly believe that more women should take solo trips. If you’re reading this – go out and adventure, spend some quality time, somewhere beautiful, with yourself. Xx

Credit: Fay Kakai

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    Woooowwwww I love Buvi, Cant wait to visit

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    Wow…I want to visit this place some time

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